Subjek 2016 UICC Annual Report
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Dear members and partners,

We are pleased to share the 2016 UICC Annual Report – a wonderful snapshot of another year of progress for UICC and its community of members and partners.

The year saw us achieve the significant milestone of our membership base passing 1,000 and the engagement of our members is better than it has ever been. This means that everything we do is amplified around the world through our growing network of enthusiastic members.

UICC also benefitted from more than 50 partnerships with organisations and companies who share our ambition to unite the cancer community, address inequality and put cancer on the global health and development agenda.

We hope you enjoy this report and the highlights we are sharing with you – acknowledging that the work covered could not have been delivered without our members and partners, and of course, the UICC team who has worked diligently with the Board to ensure that we have the impact we aspire to.

Cary Adams,
Chief Executive Officer
Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

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